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MEET OUR STARTUPS AT THE WEB SUMMIT: Reality Games - a Gaming Startup is coming to WebSummit to tell you how they are going to Gamify Big Data

Wyślij Impressão Pobierz Ele adicionou: B Z | 2016-11-03 13:42:17
rality games, statups polacos, web summit

Off the international success of their first game, Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, Reality Games is looking for partners to help them grow

Landlord Real Estate Tycoon has gained over 3M downloads on organic growth and very little customer acquisition cost. This is a monopoly type game where people buy real world properties and collect rent on social media interactions of visitors of those properties. The noteworthy thing is not the game itself, although, its virality is pretty special, but the technology behind the game is the newsmaker. Reality Games Polska is looking to build a game engine that will democratize game development so other gamedevs can build successful games that will use real life information from big data as content.


The company is creating an one stop shop for game developers to utilize the vast resource and the power of Big Data as a source to game content. They are building micro-services that will use APIs from different portals such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare to extract some different sorts of desired data to be used in mobile games. The market has over 1B existing customers and is worth over $40 Billion in 2017. The success of Landlord is a good predictor that the market is ready.