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Wyślij Impressão Pobierz Ele adicionou: B Z | 2016-11-04 16:25:02
nanosanguis, startup, polónia, web summit

NanoSanguis is an innovative biotech startup where the advanced science meets practical application experience in order to give first safe red blood cell substitute.

A large number of the patients during the treatment process (transplantation, surgeries) is dependent on access to fresh human blood and blood components which is not able to meet the blood donation system in many countries. Only in U.S. 36 thousand units of red blood cells are transfused every day. The need for donor blood increases rapidly which will result in 3 million units of blood deficit by the year 2030. An artificial blood supply could cover this shortage which will turn into saved lives. For this reason NanoSanguis team is developing innovative and safe red blood cells substitute which can alternate to natural blood for transfusions.

The oxygen therapeutic produced by NanoSanguis is nontoxic and bio-inert, it can carry several times more oxygen than blood, and load/unload oxygen 2 times faster than hemoglobin, it is compatible with all blood types and it overcomes the ethical issues and religious obstacles connected with natural blood transfusions.

NanoSanguis has also recognised another great field of potential application of their product- the transport of organs for transplantations. There is a huge need of improving the organs transport systems. Because of non-physiological conditions of transport, many transplantations end with organ failure. NanoSanguis wants to apply their oxygen therapeutic to organ transport systems not only to provide the physiological conditions but also to give to the organ the ability for regeneration before transplant.