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Convite para feira BOATSHOW 2017

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feira, boatshow 2017

Every year, over 100 sailing and motor yachts can be seen at Boatshow Poland. 19th edition of Sailing and Water Sports Trade Fair will take place in Lodz (17 – 19 NOV) and almost all Polish shipyards will present their offers at the show. The exhibitors from the country and abroad will include manufacturers of yacht accessories and electronics, as well as companies offering yacht charters and training.

In industrial circles, Boatshow Poland ( ) is considered as a professional meeting of yacht industry businesses with domestic and foreign traders, as well as individual customers. The trade show is frequently visited by guests from various Polish regions and abroad. This is due to the date that gives the possibility of orders for the upcoming season, as well as easy access from various locations in Poland and Europe. Every year, the exhibitors include European companies. In the 2016 edition, there were manufacturers and distributors from Greece, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Germany, Ukraine, USA and Sweden.

Poland is the second manufacturer of power boats up to 10 meters after US. Over 95 percent of Polish-made maritime recreation vessels are sold to foreign markets (mainly: mediterranean countries, Germany, UK, Japan and USA). According to the latest survey over 3,4 milion people in Poland are involved in water sports and 540 thousand are active in sailing.
In 2017 Poland’s yacht producers are expected to produce about 22,000 boats and almost all Polish shipyards will present their offers at the Boatshow Poland. Trade Show will be held from 17th to 19th November in Expo Hall at Politechniki 4, Łódź.

Boatshow facts and figures

  • 7157 visitors from England, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Norway, Polish, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, USA, Italy and many others
  • 157 exhibitors from eight countries – Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, USA and Italy
  • 104 vessels - sailing and motor yacht premieres, including world premieres
  • 65% of visitors intend to make purchases in the nearest year
  • 55% of visitors are interested in additional equipment and accessories
  • 40% of visitors have a yacht



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