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Convite para Flower Expo Poland

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flower expo poland

Why an expo for flowers and indoor plants in Poland, Why exhibit? Partners & ambassadors:


Why an expo for flowers and indoor plants in Poland:

  • A promising growth of the economy and growing demand for flowers and plants.
  • Part of the EU since 2004: the trade with Poland has more then tripled.
  • Poland counts almost 40 million consumers.
  • Poles are fond of flowers and plants, more than in any other country in Euro­pe.
  • It is an important transfer market to Eastern (European) countries like Belarus, Ukraine & The Baltic States.
  • In 2014 and 2015 the export of cut-flowers to Poland has increased 23% in value.
  • The infrastructure has improved greatly the last years.
  • In the period January - August 2016, the export of flowers and plants from Holland to Poland has increased 7,5% in value.


Why exhibit?

  • Expand your activities to Poland in an easy and affordable way
  • Get in touch with trade visitors from almost 40 countries worldwide
  • 17.500 guests (7.468 professionals) visited both fairs
  • Visitors represent traders, wholesale, retail, supermarkets and DIY chains.
  • 72 exhibitors from 13 different countries participated at the first edition of Flower Expo Poland
  • Make use of the multichannel visitors’ promotion organized by the fair tar­geting florists, retail chains, DIY, garden centers and other professionals
  • Get yourself up to date with the latest developments in the flowers & plants market in Poland


Partners & ambassadors: B.V. organizes Flower Expo Poland in cooperation with Agencja Promocji Zieleni Sp. z o. o. (Green is Life). The exhibition is supported by Hortipoint, The Dutch Embassy in Warsaw, the Dutch association of wholes­alers of floristry articles (VGB), SIGMA International and Kuehne + Nagel. You can find more information, the floorplan and application form on our website:



in Poland – Anna Małcużyńska, +48 22 604 577 814,;

organizer – Francine van Vijk, +31 71 870 10 68,



2017Flower Expo Poland information
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Flyer A5 eng
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